This is a complete online printing solution and 100% custom made.

Built the system from scratch by myself. Everything from start to finish is all my doing.

  • Creating visual design for both desktop and mobile screens.
  • Designing of system and Database.
  • Developing system + Backend.
  • Creating database.
  • Integrating FileStack API to manipulate images.
  • Testing and bug fixing,
  • Also testing on various screen resolutions to fix any responsive errors.
  • PayPal payment integration.
  • Feeding data into the system.
  • Setting up the hosting environment.
  • Uploading the system.

Some features of the system.

  • User registration and login.
  • Create/Delete photo types such as Rectangle photos, Square photos, Photostrips and many more…
  • Ajax category filtering.
  • Photo type selection for printing such as Square, Rectangle, Photostrips, Old School and many more…
  • Uploading currencies as a CSV file.
  • Currency conversion.
  • Shopping cart options.
  • Inventory creation and management for photo display accessories.
  • Various ways for customers to upload pictures to the system such as from Facebook, Instagram and computer.
  • Options for users to upload, crop and rotate photos as the way they want them to be.
  • Validation of all forms and shopping options.
  • Guest checkout.
  • Email notifications.
  • Complete functioning backend to support all system frontend tasks.
  • Promotion code system for applying discounts.
  • And many more….